Two MORE Washington State Divorce Mediation Myths

This week we’ve been discussing the common myths and misconceptions surrounding divorce mediation in Washington State. We covered the top four most common mediation myths already, but let’s look at two more:


Myth #5: My divorce is probably too complex to for divorce mediation.


While there are certainly cases in which the divorce is too complicated for mediation, you may be surprised how mediation can help you, even if you must return to court for some aspects of property division or child custody. Even couples that have been married for decades and couples that have large amounts of property have successfully used mediation.


Myth #6: Mediation isn’t for couples who aren’t speaking with one another.


While mediation isn’t often a good option for couples who have a history of domestic abuse or verbal abuse, it isn’t just for couples who are navigating an amicable divorce or couples who are still openly communicating with one another. Divorce mediators are trained to work with spouses who are in conflict, and some amount of conflict is absolutely expected. Mediation is about getting over that conflict or working around that conflict to find a working solution that meets everyone’s needs.


While court divorces are often depicted in movies and on television, mediation sometimes remains a mysterious and overlooked option. To learn more about the truth about Washington divorce mediation, call Seattle divorce attorney Molly B. Kenny today.

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