Three More Benefits of Divorce Mediation for Your Kids

This week we have been focusing on how divorce mediation and parenting plan mediation can be beneficial to your children. We’ve already shared five different ways that mediation can help your kids through your split – here are three more big ones:

  • Mediation can reduce the stress of divorce. A courtroom divorce often creates stress – the final decisions are ultimately out of your control, and court arguments often focus on blame and rehashing the past. Divorce mediation, on the other hand, can reduce stress by helping you focus on the future instead of the past and look for solutions instead of recreating what went wrong. A parent who is less stressed is a better parent – your kids can feel your stress and anxiety.
  • Mediation puts parents on the same team. When you present your case to a judge, you are often fighting against your spouse to get your fair share. When you work with your spouse during divorce mediation, you are working together with your ex to find a solution you both find acceptable. Being on the same team during mediation will help you co-parent your kids even after you are no longer together.
  • Mediation helps you move past blame. One of the biggest obstacles to successful co-parenting is that the parents are still angry and blaming each other for past wrongs. Mediation is designed to help parents look toward the future instead of dwelling on the past. The mediation process can help establish a healthy future outlook that both parents can use to improve their co-parenting relationship and give their kids the best, most supportive environment possible.

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The children are really the first one being affected by the divorce. It is quite traumatic to them. So it is really nice to know that there is an alternative way to resolve the dispute between couples which is less traumatic to children. Thanks a lot for sharing such useful information. Great posting!
by jelly andrews January 9, 2013 at 09:21 PM
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