Three More Back-to-School Tips for Kids of Divorce

Co-parenting and joint custody can be especially challenging during the school year. This week, we are sharing tips and advice on how you can transition successfully into the school year after your family has gone through a divorce over the summer. Here are three more tips to help you start school on the right foot this fall:


  • Have a homework plan. It’s important that both parents know about homework assignments and other school-related responsibilities. A calendar, online app, or date book can help your child stay organized and help both parents know what is due when (and when their child might need help with assignments).
  • Consider attending activities with your co-parent. Your child needs to receive the message that both of his parents still love and care about him. When he is involved in a special activity, such as a big sports game or a play, he may want you both there. Even if you are still struggling to get along with your ex as a co-parent, it is vital that you put your differences aside to support your kids.
  • Consider doubling up on textbooks. Shuffling from one house to another during the school year can be emotionally difficult for kids – and it can also cause mix-ups when it comes to textbooks and school supplies. Making sure your child has the resources she needs to succeed in school should be a top priority. Having school supplies (calculators, notebooks, pencils) as well as duplicate textbooks at each house can help smooth the transition.

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