Red Flag: A Washington Divorce Mediator Who Guarantees Results

This week we have been discussing red flags to look for when choosing a divorce or child custody mediator in Washington State. One issue that you should be especially wary about? If your mediator tells you or publically advertises that he or she can guarantee great results or that he or she can absolutely solve your divorce, property, and custody disagreements, a red flag should go up.

A mediator should be honest: he or she might not be able to help

It is not a mediator’s job to solve your problems or to get a great divorce settlement for you and your spouse. A mediator is simply there to help you two effectively communicate and compromise through gentle guidance, not to lead you or to make decisions for you. A mediator should realize that if the two of you cannot come to a decision, he or she should not be responsible for forcing you to make a plan. Moreover, a mediator cannot guarantee results because of a number of issues that may surface during the mediation process, such as substance abuse, domestic violence, or child abuse.

Ask potential mediators whether or not they can promise a successful mediation. If they say they can, look elsewhere. If they tell you candidly that results absolutely depend on you and your ex, and no one else, you may have found a good match.

Seattle divorce mediation attorney

A Washington State family lawyer can help you through the mediation process, from choosing a mediator that works for you and your spouse, to making certain that you are treated fairly in your divorce settlement and child custody case. To speak with a knowledgeable, experienced divorce mediation attorney, contact the Law Office of Molly B. Kenny today to schedule a private consultation: (425) 460-0550.

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