This month we have added three new legal articles to our Washington State divorce mediation library – all geared toward helping our readers better understand what the mediation process is like and whether it might be a good choice for their situation. While mediation can be an ideal choice for those who can communicate openly, those who wish to keep their divorce more private, or those who wish to avoid future court dates, mediation might not be the right choice for couples who have dealt with substance abuse issues, domestic violence incidents, or very complex financial issues.

Please read some of our newest articles and frequently asked questions regarding WA divorce mediation:

•    Is mediation only for couples going through an amicable divorce?
•    Can mediation make my divorce less expensive?
•    Do I need a lawyer for divorce mediation?
•    Four reasons why divorce mediation might not be right for you
•    The three major steps of the divorce mediation process
•    Divorce mediation could be easier on your children
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