Five Ways Divorce Mediation Payment Should NOT Be Handled

Many people seeking a divorce through mediation have never before been through the process and do not know what to expect. This is especially true when it comes to mediation fees, payment, and compensation. Below, we’ve listed some common red flags regarding mediation and payment. If your mediator does anything discussed below, be sure to question your choice and consider working with someone else to settle your divorce. 

  • Your mediator doesn’t discuss the details of fees and payment before beginning your sessions. 
  • Your mediator does not put his or her payment policies in writing as part of your official mediation agreement. 
  • Your mediator asks for payment in exchange for a referral. 
  • Your mediator bases his or her payment on the outcome of your mediation or on your final settlement. 
  • Your mediator does not return partial payment if your mediation sessions are not successful or are not completed. 

Mediation can be an excellent choice for some couples seeking a divorce or a workable parenting plan for their children. However, a mediator who does not follow the standards of practice can harm the settlement process and even cost you money. 

Many people benefit from working with an experienced Seattle mediation attorney during their divorce. Our lawyers can help you better understand the mediation process and make certain that you get the treatment and settlement that you deserve. To learn about the divorce mediation legal services offered by the Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny, call today at 425-460-0550. 

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