Absolutely not. Many people hold the misconception that Washington divorce mediation is about couples getting marriage counseling and working out their issues. This is simply not the case. Divorce mediation is an alternative to court that allows couples to work out the details of their divorce, property division, and child custody plan with the help of an unbiased mediator and their attorneys.

Although divorce mediation is often ideal for couples who are still able to openly communicate and cooperate with one another on some level, it is in no way an avenue for divorcing couples to rekindle their feelings or decide to work out the problems in their marriage. Couples who wish to give their marriage a second change or to speak about the issues in their marriage with a professional should seek the assistance of a marriage counselor or family therapist. Couples who wish to work on their marriage instead of seeking a divorce should not enter the mediation process.

Divorce mediation can sometimes be confused with marriage counseling because it takes place outside of the courtroom, because it involves an unbiased third party, and because it often involves couples opening up, realizing their differences, and looking for mutually agreeable solutions. However, couples in mediation are focused on how to fairly complete their divorce, while couples in counseling are focused on their personal relationship.

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