Three More Tips for Successful Discipline after Divorce

This week, we shared four tips for tackling discipline and rule-setting in the wake of a divorce. Below, find three more pieces of wisdom that can help you control your children’s behavior and establish a stable and loving single-parent household:

  1. Try regular family meetings. Communication is absolutely key at all points in childrearing, but it is nothing less than vital during and after a divorce. Make sure that your rules are clear and that your children’s input is heard—both goals can be achieved during regular family meetings. These meetings can also add a sense of stability and security to your children’s life, which is very important after a split. 
  2. Remember that children mirror behavior. Behaving well yourself may be even more important than establishing rules regarding your children’s behavior. Know that your kids are watching you closely and will take lessons from what they see. Be especially careful about how you act toward your ex during and after your divorce. 
  3. Have rules even on the weekend. It can be especially difficult to establish house rules and consistent discipline if you only see your children on the weekends, during school vacations, or during holidays. However, just because your kids visit during traditionally more lax periods, it is still important to lay down the law and set clear boundaries. It can be tempting to be the “fun” parent, but the long-term consequences aren’t worth it. 

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Molly B. Kenny
Founder and Principal Divorce Attorney
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