Could Your Occupation Increase Your Chance For Divorce?

Posted on Oct 29, 2010
Does what you do for a job affect your relationship? Or does the career you choose say something about how successful your marriage will be? A new study published in the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology and conducted by professor Michael Aamodt of Radford University has found that there are some occupations that can lead to divorce more often than others. For example, while a professional dancer has a shockingly high rate of divorce, an engineer has a surprisingly low rate of divorce.

The study, which examined almost 450 different occupations covered in the 2000 Census, finds that our working lives can indeed affect our personal lives – especially if we are a bartender, a massage therapist, or a telemarketer. While the study did not say why these professions most often led to divorce, there were some patterns: many of the jobs linked with high divorce rates involved the arts, long hours, odd hours, or stress. On the other hand, careers like engineering and law enforcement showed below-average rates of divorce.

The top ten worst jobs for divorce, which saw divorce rates of 35 to 40 percent, included choreographers, casino workers, telephone operators, nurses, and factory workers. The top ten best jobs for marriage included optometrists, engineers, podiatrists, and those in the clergy.

Of course, those who conducted the study were sure to say that being in a certain profession or career won’t doom your marriage – and that perhaps this new information will help those with certain jobs to better recognize how much of their occupation they take home with them.

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