If I Had an Affair, Will My Infidelity Affect My Divorce or Divorce Settlement?

In general, if you or your spouse had an extramarital affair, that fact will not affect your Washington State divorce, the division of property, or your child custody case in any way. While some states require that you assign blame to one person in the marriage or prove that one person is responsible for the breakup, Washington is a no-fault divorce state. To get a divorce in this state, one person must simply file for divorce and declare that the union is irrevocably broken.

Put another way, an extramarital affair shouldn’t be a legal factor in your divorce or the division of assets, even if the infidelity was a major cause of the end of your relationship. In some cases, a spouse may ask for reimbursement if their husband or wife spent a significant amount of money on their secret relationship. In other cases, a spouse may argue that the affair has in some way affected their husband or wife’s ability to care for their children. However, these cases are rare.

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