How Will Divorce Affect My Childrens Health Insurance Plan?

How divorce will affect your children’s health insurance coverage depends on what type of coverage they have currently. However, in all divorces in which children are involved, it is vital that the issues of who is responsible for this expense and how this coverage will continue in the future are discussed and settled during the divorce process.

If one spouse provides health insurance benefits for the rest of the family and the other spouse does not have independent coverage, it is advisable that a provision is included in the divorce that the children will continue to have coverage or that the other spouse will be reimbursed for the expense of coverage.

The worst-case scenario is if your spouse agrees to cover your children’s health insurance expenses but then does not follow through with that agreement. In these cases, you may need to sue your ex for contempt of court.

Are you worried about the continuing health care of your children after a divorce, or are you having difficulty with an ex-spouse who is not complying with his or her agreement to provide health insurance coverage to your kids? You may need the assistance of a Seattle family law attorney. Call the Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny today.
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